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About ACCC

A center of hope.
A center of compassion.
A center of healing


We are a team of compassionate people who offer their specialized knowledge, skills and expertise to meet the medical needs of each pet... and the non-medical needs of every individual who brings their beloved animal to us.


Our Mission:


Every day, California Veterinary Specialists (CVS) strives to empower patients and their families to enhance their pet's quality of life and to win the fight against cancer. We offer innovative treatment options and treat the "whole patient" using a combination of medical, surgical, radiological, nutritional, physical, natural and supportive options. We do so in a compassionate, caring environment that encourages your active participation in the management of the pet's disease. We strive to put pet owners and pets first.


Our Hopes, Aspirations and Goals:


At CVS Angel Care Cancer Center, we strive to treat pets with cancer and also support 
families with compassionate care. Quality of life means everything to us. 

We treat the entire patient, not just cancer. 

We battle this disease with every option available with the pet's quality of life as our primary goal. 

We strive to gain active participation from families in the diagnostic and treatment process because they are the most important members of our team. 

We openly accept your pet and their loved ones into our CVS family. We want you to never fight cancer alone.


Our Team:


The CVS Angel Care Cancer Center is a comprehensive group within the CVS specialty/critical care hospitals that provides direct care for patients with cancer and their families. We also offer innovative clinical research to provide the very best diagnostics and treatments available to fight against cancer. We are a group of veterinarians, veterinary nurses, and human physicians that share a mutual philosophy: science may provide a cure, but compassionate care comes from the heart. Our goal is to do everything possible to not only win the fight against cancer, but to ensure the treatment is healing, not hurting.

The CVS Angel Care Cancer Center is comprised of four teams:

Medical Oncology: This team of board certified medical oncologists, internists, cardiologists, and nurses are some of the most experienced and highly trained in the world. They work tirelessly to provide care that is unparalleled.  We lead the world in incorporating cutting edge medical therapy designed to provide enhanced quality of life while controlling or curing cancer with anticancer drugs including molecular therapeutics plus cancer treatment employing new devices or methods to engage the body's own cancer defense mechanisms.

Radiation Oncology and Diagnostic ImagingRadiation treatment has proven to be a vital tool for improving the health of a number of cancer patients. This critical aspect of care at the CVS Angel Care Cancer Center is quite unique because it is performed in our own state of the art facilities in Carlsbad, California and in cooperation with regional human radiation oncologists and radiation therapy centers.  We are the ONLY center in the world that provides "high tech and high touch" linear accelerator generated radiation therapy with both photon and electron beam radiation, Trilogy based stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) and the robotically controlled, computer controlled, Cyberknife stereotactic radiosurgery.  Similarly, CVS stands ready to diagnose each problem with access to state-of-the-art diagnostics, including computerized tomography, PET/CT, MRI,  ultrasound, color flow doppler, and digital radiology.

Surgical OncologyCancer is the most curable of all chronic diseases and surgery is critical in helping to achieve that cure. The best chance for cure is with initial surgery. Therefore, having specially trained surgeons is vital. CVS features an experienced team of highly trained board certified surgeons and surgical nurses who provide kind, compassionate care for each and every surgery patient.  The team approach is used to employ the most effective method for curing or controlling cancer: surgery. Indeed, using an integrated approach, we employ the very latest surgical procedures in concert with radiation and medical surgical procedures. 

Emergency and Critical CareCancer patients need to have someone standing by day or night, rain or shine, in case the unexpected happens. Fortunately, CVS has a team of the most highly trained specialists in emergency and critical care in the world. If the unexpected happens, we are here for you.


Our Approach:


The team at CVS provides around the clock care, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We work closely with your referring veterinarians to ensure that each pet receives the best care possible. Many tell us our approach is what makes us unique and special. We hope you will agree.