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Advanced Cancer Care for Pets
August 01, 2012

Advanced Cancer Care for Pets

California Veterinary Specialists’ Angel Care Cancer Center continues to provide some of the world’s highest level of advanced compassionate cancer care for animals with cancer and other diseases. Indeed, Angel Care Cancer Center was the first to provide routine, daily “high tech” linear accelerator-delivered radiation therapy for animals in San Diego County. From there, radiation oncologist Dr. David Proulx has developed not only linear accelerator-based radiation therapy, but also the very highest level of stereotactic radiosurgery available in the world for pets. Using this advanced technology with old-
fashioned compassionate care, Proulx and his colleagues have distinguished California Veterinary Specialists’ Angel Care Cancer Center from all other comprehensive veterinary cancer treatment centers. In this center, the whole patient is treated by combining the very best of medical, surgical, and radiation oncology by fusing high tech equipment with special care from the heart.


Famed Veterinary Radiation Oncologist Leads Profession in Cancer Care
Dr. David Proulx, head of radiation oncology at California Veterinary Specialists’ Angel Care Cancer Center, has developed he world’s most advanced stereotactic radiosurgery options for pets with cancer. Indeed, two options are available for the patients and their families who come to the comprehensive cancer center in San Diego County. This center of care, in union with the two other specialty care centers in Murrieta, California and Ontario, California, provides the most precisely targeted radiation delivery system in the world for animals. CyberKnife is a robotically controlled, computer directed, stereotactic radiation therapy delivery system that was developed at Stanford University and is available in a handful of centers, primarily for people, throughout the world. Only one other center in the world has provided CyberKnife-based targeted radiation therapy for certain tumors. CyberKnife is unique in the fact that it uses and extraordinarily powerful computer radiation delivery system to sculpt the radiation therapy beams to precisely deliver the healing rays to the tumor itself, while sparing normal tissue. The dose of radiation therapy that can be delivered to the tumor is therefore much higher, because normal tissues are being spared. The end result is greater tumor control with a better quality of life overall. Another option that is available for CVS Angel Care Cancer Center clients is Varian Trilogy-based stereotactic radiosurgery. This radiation therapy system is available thanks to a unique alliance between CVS Angel Care Caner Center and the University of California, San Diego, where Drs. Ogilvie and Proulx are in the Veterinary Oncology Program at the UCSD Moores Cancer Center. Stereotactic radiosurgery is state-of-the-art for the most advanced treatment of cancer in man and animals.


New Cancer Therapy Increases Hope for Care and Cures

The medical oncology team within the comprehensive cancer center at California Veterinary Specialists’ Angel Care Cancer Center is well underway to explore how a monoclonal antibody can not only enhance and improve quality of life for dogs with a type of cancer called lymphoma, but also potentially reduce the need for rigorous chemotherapy protocols for the treatment of this disease, which is ultimately fatal if left untreated. Indeed, the medical oncology team is welcoming new patients into a randomized study to explore the potential benefit of this technologically advanced approach for the treatment of cancer, using antibodies that seek out and attack certain types of lymphoma with a high degree of accuracy, very much like a heat-seeking missile fired from a war plane. The results thus far are exciting, which has left investigators and clients alike very hopeful that this will indeed result in a new option for animals with cancer.